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Selling crypto real estate never looked better, and Christine Quinn, the star of Netflix’s hit show “Selling Sunset,” is showing us how to do it glamorously and successfully.

Since launching her crypto brokerage, RealOpen, Quinn has been expanding her company’s presence in South Florida with the help of two agents from One Sotheby’s International Realty, Karley Chynces, and Bozana Cavar.

RealOpen moves digital assets directly into real estate. Recently, the company hit the market with its first ever commercial property listed for $6.11 million. The building is Broward County’s first commercial property to accept crypto, making it a unique regional listing. The building is located at 3625 W Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, headquartering 123 LumpSum and, owned by Structured Asset Ventures II, LLC. Chynces is holding the listing.

“We have been able to generate leads for this property, working with hundreds of millions, probably even billions of dollars of digital currency. And we are dealing with multiple crypto bills. This is proof that this is a real industry, and there are real buyers who are buying in crypto because we are working with them,” Chynces said.

Quinn revealed that RealOpen currently covers the entire United States, with listings in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. She said the company is taking over the global market by storm, and they will enter into referral agreements as required.

“With our constantly expanding portfolio of listings in South Florida, we look forward to dominating the industry and being your go-to in Florida and worldwide. We look forward to welcoming you to the future with us,” she said.

Quinn also said RealOpen has a strong partnership in South Florida with five exclusive listings in the Miami market totaling upwards of $50 million and another four upcoming properties that will be listed for around $85 million. She said the company has significant momentum in the South Florida market with listings and solid relationships with developers “who are ready to tackle the two trillion-dollar market cap of crypto buyers and sellers head on.”

How are you setting your brokerage apart from other companies in the industry?

Christine Quinn: For our crypto buyers, our value proposition sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Buyers can purchase any property, on-or-off market, on-or-off MLS, with crypto, and it doesn’t matter if the seller isn’t willing to accept crypto –they can get the cash immediately. We don’t require the sale of crypto until the moment of closing, at which time we handle the sale and conversion. RealOpen provides a single point/concierge service from offer through closing via our real estate and crypto expertise, giving crypto whales an opportunity to diversify their assets into a stable investment.

For buyers and sellers, we offer a unique marketing reach from millions of followers. I’m a regular guest on the most popular talk shows, and conduct interviews for podcasts heard around the world. I also have plans to speak at events in Miami while also attending four other events at our exclusive listings in the South Florida area to further our reach and connections. We have an extensive buyer pool as the listings are offered to the crypto community.

In addition, most brokerages are dated, slow-moving, and nothing more than logos with identical service offerings. RealOpen includes everything provided by a typical brokerage but also the added access to the crypto community while keeping up with the lighting speed of the instant gratification generation we live in today. We offer a white glove, high-touch service for crypto buyers and sellers with unmatched promotional power via my major media reach.

Why did you choose One Sotheby’s and Karley and Bozana as your South Florida partners?

Christine Quinn: Contrary to popular opinion, the job of a real estate agent and the real estate field is extremely demanding. In turn, we demand from our partners a high level of professionalism, tenacity, knowledge, and understanding of the crypto space.

Karley and Bozana are well versed and extremely well connected in the Miami community, being a part of a premier brand – ONE Sotheby’s International Realty.

We appreciate working with people who think outside of the box. It’s all about aligning with ambitious individuals in the ever-changing world of real estate and Web3, and we welcome the hustle. We at RealOpen resonate with ambition and immediately knew they would be a great addition to our team. With their knowledge of Web3 and real estate, we knew they were the perfect addition to one of the fastest-growing crypto hubs of the world.

Any tips for our readers, perhaps from your book, and how to be confident and thrive like you?

Christine Quinn: According to the official Christine Quinn guide to life, style is the external expression of your most internal self. Everything you put on or wear is, in essence, intentionally constructed. For me, when I dress the part, I feel like the most confident version of myself. I am able to walk with my head a little higher and speak my knowledge fully without a doubt. Confidence is key to every person’s success in life, and, for me, that translates to dressing for the part. Dress how you want to be addressed.

Harnessing my own style in the business allows me to feel fully confident in who I am and what I have to offer. Create a mantra that is specific and uniquely tailored to you. You can repeat this to yourself out loud or silently in your head. Now, try to visualize what your end goals will look like. Write out sticky notes with your mantra and place them anywhere and everywhere you can see it. Soon enough, those goals will become a reality.

Your bathroom mirror, your nightstand, the dashboard of your car, or on your laptop: “I am happy, healthy, wealthy, blessed, and today I am so excited I finally got that promotion!”

It is extremely important to get visual with your intentions. Write in a journal or clip out pictures from a magazine. Anything you desire in your life, with practice, you can manifest. If you are constantly seeing what you desire, you are reprogramming your mind to believe as if you have already achieved it. It’s all about getting crystal clear on what you want, down to the promotion or salary that you know you deserve. This will help you become the most confident version of yourself once you see your goals and desires come to fruition.

Journaling is a great way to set your intentions for the day. An exercise I love I call “journal storyboarding.” Write in your journal the things you have organically going on in your daily life: your fears, your struggles, your ambitions, and mix that writing with the goals you want to achieve.

For example, “I had a wonderful day today,” “I am pretty nervous about a public speech that I have coming up” (get creative here), and add in what I call: “fake it till you make it .”Even though I was nervous about making that speech, I completely nailed it out of the park.” “People were enthralled with every word I had to say, as it resonated with them, it made me feel so great to share my advice that at the end of the speech, I was stunned with a burst of applause and a standing ovation.”

As you write and practice writing, it’s important to also visualize the feeling success gives you, the sounds, what you are wearing, even down to the people’s faces and who is in the audience. It’s impossible to feel confident every day, but through these exercises, we can slowly retrain our brains to recognize that we are all worthy of our biggest dreams, desires, and aspirations.

What Makes The RealOpen Listings so unique?

Karley Chynces: They all accept crypto. We’re in conversations with other properties and have already executed other pre-construction agreements. So it’s unique because the properties we represent are first of their kind. For example, I represent the first property in Broward County to accept crypto. I also recently listed a 150,000-square-foot pre-construction medical building where the buyout it’s almost $50 million, and the developer accepts crypto. What is cool is that new developers and the new projects are all being very crypto-friendly.

How is the collaboration between the three of you?

Bozana Cavar: Karley and I are working with the Aria Reserve Vice President of Sales John Reza Parsiani at the residences in Edgewater. We received the only remaining exclusive penthouse, which is exciting because I believe with the RealOpen clientele, in addition to the clientele that Karley and I have here in Miami, this is a wonderful merger of two great partnerships that will enable us to get the right crypto buyers in at the Aria.